Say It With Bacon


A front-end development with responsive design project

for 360i

link to project

Say It With Bacon is a fully responsive website [1] for Oscar Meyer. It utilized the YouTube API [2]and has a carousel showcasing and selling bacon paraphernalia and e-cards.


  1. Besides using the usual CSS tricks to make sure visual content scales properly, I used Modernizr to load Javascript code based on screen width (i.e. progresive enhancement). For example smartphone users did not get a carousel or an iFrame cart (for purchasing bacon-related products). Both UI elements would not have been user-friendly for people on tiny screens.
  2. This project leverages YouTube to deliver video content. The site uses their HTML5 api (so mobile device users can view the video) and their older iFrame api (so that browsers that don’t support the HTML5 video api can view the video).