A front-end development on top with a node.js/grunt.js workflow project

for The Barbarian Group

link to project

The project consisted of a complete re-design (which included the implemntation of a responsive design) of the site. I contributed to front-end development and page template creation.

I worked on making sure (i.e. navigation) design elements and interactivity would be consistent among different devices. Some things I picked up included using jQuery to shift the order DOM elements for different screen sizes and the non-standardized way different devices listen to mouse-events [1].

the main navigation on the desktop

the main navigation on tablets

the main navigation on mobile

the products grid on desktop

the products grid on mobile


  1. Did you know that DROID and iOS both have zany ways of detecting how and when a user clicks/touches the screen? Did you also know that iOS devices don’t like customized form elements? So even if you spend hours messing with CSS and Javascript to get a drop-down looking EXACTLY like the comps, an iOS device will toss all that out (not that I’m bitter or anything).