My first computer was a Tandy PC.

On it was programs like Microsoft’s Creative Writer, Creative Artist, and Broderbund’s Kid Pix, which I used to generate weird little stories about princesses that lived in cities instead of enchanted woods and collages of disorganized rainbows and clipart.

Then I learned about the Internet.

It was a magical place where I can learn anything (I was a fan of the library too). I did two things when we finally got dial-up in our house: explore the seedy underbelly of the internet (warez chatrooms and 2600 usenet boards to learn about phreaking and hacking) and stake my claim. I created two fan-sites, one for Star Wars, one for Spider-man.

During high school, I read about “blogging” in the newspaper. It seemed cool so I reated my own blog on Pitas. I didn’t like the way it looked, so I changed it. I taught myself HTML/CSS because I wasn't satisifed with templates created by other people. My sites were personal and wouldn’t feel like mine if I used other people’s designs, etc. Besides, I had fun learning how to code and seeing it suddenly render on the screen. Code became a means of expression for me. Creating for the web also meant that I was able to share what I had created.

And here we are.

Since high school, I’ve become what you would call a wildcard developer or an technologist. I learn and implement whatever technology a project requires or whatever piques my curiosity. This meant learning Ruby on Rails, figuring the best way to implement responsive designs when there weren’t many examples of it out there, and milling my own breakout board for an EMF detector because one didn’t exist at the time.

I try to pick up workflows and other subjects that would make me a better technologist, things like interactive design and behavior driven development.

If you’re interested in accomplishing super cool things with technology, let's talk.

About this site.

I used Middleman to generate static html pages. Code was written in HAML and SASS. Fonts provided by Typekit and icons by Font Awesome.